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We do business with trading partners in the main European markets.
Our goal is to establish and develop a strong network of cooperation with professionals.

The network promotes quality, Italian character and food safety at the same time guaranteeing:
  • competitiveness through long-term purchases from a producer company;
  • flexibility thanks to communal storing and preparation of mixed orders with groupage delivery;
  • dependable selection of high quality products with guaranteed traceability;
  • uniqueness of high quality selected trademark products that stand out from others in the market;
  • innovation thanks to the know-how and company knowledge made available to trading partners.

Deliveries are carried out by our own transport and we also work with reliable international shippers abroad by sea or air.


Zaino Food Thai has been working in Thailand since 2014 in Bangkok, Phuket, Kho Samui, Khao Lak.
We are one of the main importers of Italian food. The organized allocation allows us to cover not only the capital city of Bangkok, but also the most important tourist areas.

Zaino Food Thai boasts an active team on the spot for selling and delivering Italian food, a warehouse located in Bangkok to store fresh and frozen foods. The Company has also three distribution centres in Phuket, Kho Samui e Khao Lak.

A sales network of Italian and Thai professionals regularly visit the most important Thai resorts and restaurants,providing real training on the spot on products and novelties from Italy.

We have created a real link between Italy and Thailand. In our desire to promote the valuable “made in Italy” quality abroad.


Zaino Foodservice UK, the new branch of Zaino Foodservice, is active from May 2016 in the UK with our office and warehouse in Croydon town an important crossroads of the supply chain in the south of England. We want to build a bridge between Italy and England eager to push the Made in Italy quality abroad.


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