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Zaino’s butcher facility follows the highest quality standards in choice of raw materials. Zaino selects only Austrian and Irish meats, which are better than Polish and German ones for genetics, diet and breed. The choice of meats is based on fat content in the raw material arriving.

Where our meat comes from:
  • From Austria we import hindquarters, loins, leg of beef and veal. Produce comes from farms that follow AMA regulations, a quality brand-mark guaranteeing traceability and high quality.
  • From Ireland we receive beef on the bone: loin and leg of beef and pure Black Angus Aberdeen steers and heifers. The choice falls on these meats because steers s are heavy animals that guarantee tenderness, veined and tasty meat.
  • Genetically selected heifers guarantee the correct fat content to satisfy the most demanding chefs’ palates. 
  • Pork comes from Italy and Austria. Italian pork is selected by suppliers who are members of the cooperative of Prosciutti crudi di Parma. The Austrian belongs to the AMA certified industry, quality guarantee.
  • In Italy and Holland the best calves are selected according to internal quality standard, shape, fat content and colour. 
Traceability is guaranteed by an identifier radio frequency system on single animals

All our meats are hung for at least ten days in our cells. This procedure allows meat to bleed and mature. After that, meat is handled and cut by our professional butchers. Pork is refrigerator-cooled for one day to make it perfect for butchering without risk of contamination . Our facility has modern machinery both for sectioning and packing.

A team of skilled butchers assures both standardized sectioning to guarantee uniformity of quality and cut as well as satisfying the customer’s requirements. . One production line removes the fat without any wastage, thus guaranteeing the costumer a price without variation.

Zaino guarantees a large range of goods augmented by internal production of sausages, pork sausages, roast sucking pig, and other specialities in constant development.

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