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Our wide range of products thanks to the accurate, constant research and selection made by Zaino Foodservice in Italy and abroad ensures a large variety of original and sought after delicatessen in the best traditions and gastronomic culture .

Zaino’s products belong to four categories::

  • Preserved product range includes foods which do not need specific preservation temperatures, but it is better to store them in a cool and dry environment. This category comprises breakfast foods, jams, vegetables, seafood and pasta, rice,various sauces and dressings, vegetables preserved in oil and pickled, bread-sticks and rusks, preparations for main courses and desserts, bottled fruit.

  • Fresh refrigerated includes all the products that must be preserved at a temperature between 0°C (32°F) and 4°C (39°F) such as processed meats, cheeses, dairy products, meat and seafood.

  • Frozen food involves products that must be preserved at a maximum temperature of -20°C (-4°F) such as meat and game, seafood, vegetables, filled and not filled pasta, ready main course, bread, specialities, fruit, ice creams and desserts.

  • Hygiene and cleaning encloses a range of cleaning products for hygiene (washing powders, detergents etc.) courtesy gadgets for hotel guests, disposable items for kitchen and for table setting made of plastic, cardboard or aluminium.

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